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Fiber-optic cabling is becoming an increasingly attractive option for organizations largely due to its impressive bandwidth capabilities and ability to safely transmit data over long distances. Not only can this technology provide reliable connection speeds, but it also offers protection against formidable obstructions like sharp corners and great distances. By using light pulses instead of electrical impulses, these cables are able to successfully transmit extremely large amounts of information in a short amount of time allowing for more flexibility and scalability for communication purposes. As the demand for higher speeds and accessibility grows, fiber-optic cabling will continue to be the go-to choice for organizations looking to reduce the cost associated with transmitting data.

Two industry standards for Fiber Optic Cabling

Single-mode (100BaseBX standard)

Fiber optic cabling offers a wealth of benefits for data transfer. The construction provides remarkable flexibility, enduring corners and long distance runs with ease – up to 100 meters! This technology impresses not just in its reach; light pulses rather than electricity power the speedy connections across networks at an unrivalled rate. With all this potential within it, fiber optics has become the preferred choice by millions around the world who require reliable transmission no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

Multimode (100BaseSX standard) 

Multimode fibers, such as OM2, OM3 and OM4 are becoming increasingly popular in many industries due to their outstanding combination of affordability, performance capability and quick uptake on new technologies. These reliable solutions provide dependable networks that uphold high standards with data transmission speeds up to 100 Gb per second – no matter the distance! With these advantages all wrapped into an unbeatable package at a low cost-per-unit rate — companies or organizations looking for an upgrade should strongly consider leveraging multimode fibers for their local infrastructure needs.

Fiber cables are becoming the go-to choice for data transmission as they offer immense benefits. Signal loss and interference are minimized, and thanks to their flexibility, they can be used in any commercial building regardless of size or complexity. At Hayward Business Phone Systems, we specialize in tailoring fiber cabling solutions designed to boost performance and accessibility to unparalleled levels. Whether it’s a small project or something larger, our installation experts have you covered. Reach out today if you have any questions or need an estimate – our team will be more than happy to chat with you about your requirements.

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